Learning Lab Ventures (LLV) was established to disrupt the generational cycle of poverty by meeting the education and enrichment needs of children living in some of Los Angeles’s most underserved neighborhoods. Los Angeles has the highest poverty rate of all of the major cities in America. 29% of children in Los Angeles live in poverty.

the link between
education & poverty

The Harvard Civil Rights report documented that about half of all of the children in Los Angeles do not graduate from high school. That clearly demonstrates the link between education and poverty.

disrupt the cycle

Our aim is to truly disrupt the generational cycle of poverty through providing intensive after-school education and enrichment programming for low-income students in Los Angeles.

LLV is yielding impressive results

100% of our students are
graduating from high school.
90% are attending selective
colleges and universities like
Harvard, MIT, Berkley, USC, etc.
90% of students improved or
maintained their grades in one
or more core subjects.

Your Charitable Impact

With your support, we can disrupt the generational cycle of poverty.